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reactoss's Journal

OK, so basically, I'm just your average city office worker. I work in the city and I live in the city and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm currently working for an environmental and engineering consultancy company helping out with environmental impact studies and risk management plans for the energy industry. While it may be considered a bit of a moral dilemma doing work for the energy industry, I’m finding that learning about where oil and gas come from and the process to get such a considered necessity is a very important motivation for me to keep on target with my personal environmental goals. My long-term career goal however is to get into ethical financial planning. I have a huge interest in personal finance and am studying to be a financial planner. I feel that I would be happy in a niche like that where I can help people with their finances as well as encourage people to put money into sustainable projects.

At home, I live with my awesome husband and our 4 cats. We have 3 rescued cats (2 domestic short-hairs and a tabby) and a Bengal cat. Since we live in the city, we both work within close public transport to home and we no longer own a car. We are both vegetarian and consider ourselves to be conscious consumers (that is, we think about what we buy before we buy it).

I started off writing this blog to share some of the vegetarian recipes that I make and after a couple of make-overs I decided to up the ante a bit and talk about green city living in general. I wanted to make it a bit of a go-to reference for people looking at how they can make a little bit of a difference but more importantly I wanted to write about why I make the choices that I make. Thanks for reading and I really hope you get as much out of reading my journal as I get from writing it.